Admission Guide to Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering

  • Document Screening
    • All procedures related to document screening are conducted by the Graduate Studies Team in UNIST.
    • For further information related to document screening, please refer to the admission homepage or contact the admission manager. (
  • Interview
    • Applicants who passed the document screening will be qualified for the interview process.
    • Date and time will be notified to individuals through the e-mail address submitted at the document screening.
    graduate Academic Programs
    Course Subjects Run-time
    • Undergraduate from Mechanical Engineering: Choose two fields among four. (Solid Mechanics,Thermodynamics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics)
    • Undergraduate from Non-Mechanical Engineering: Choose two fields among five. (Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics,Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics)
    Test: 50min.
    Interview: 10min.
    Ph.D Presentation of the research conducted during the master’s course 30min
  • Range of the test


graduate Academic Programs
Subject Range
  • “Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics”, Moran, Shapiro, Boettner and Bailey, 7th or 8th edition, Wiley (or any equivalent Thermodynamics textbook for mechanical engineering undergraduate students).
    Coverage (based on the above textbook): Chapters 1~6 are the primary chapters. Students are also required to understand and analyze the basic engineering cycles, Carnot Cycle (Chapter 5), Rankine cycle (Chapter 8), Otto, Diesel, and Brayton Cycles (Chapter 9), and Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle (Chapter 10).
graduate Academic Programs-1
Solid Mechanics
  • “Mechanics of Materials”, Beer, Johnston, DeWolf, Mazurek, 7th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2016, Ch. 1~7, 9, 11
  • “Mechanical Behavior of Materials”, Dowling, 4th ed. (international), Pearson, 2013, Sections 4.1~4.5, 5.3
graduate Academic Programs-1
Fluid Mechanics
  • “Fluid Mechanics”, Fox, McDonald, Pritchard, 8th ed., Wiley, Ch. 01~09.
  • “Fluid Mechanics”, White, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill, Ch. 01~07.
  • “Fluid Mechanics”, Munson, Okiishi, Huebsch, Rothmayer, 7th ed., Wiley, Ch. 01~09.
graduate Academic Programs-1
  • “Vector mechanics for engineers DYNAMICS”, Beer, Johnston, Cornwell, McGraw-Hill, Ch.11~18.
graduate Academic Programs-1
Engineering Mathematics
  • “Advanced Engineering Mathmatics”, Erwin Kreyszig, 9th ed., Wiley, Ch. 1~18

※ This exam is for MS/Combined MS-Ph.d applicants.