Research Area

Solid Mechanics

Solid mechanics aims to understand the mechanical behavior of various engineering materials for their practical and safe use in the fields of mechanical, civil, and aeronautical engineering. It is also the foundation for other branches of engineering and applied science such as materials engineering, energy engineering, nanotechnology, biotechology and so on. The Solid Mechanics Research Group conducts high-quality research in these areas and offers fundamental coursework for general topics related to solid mechanics including, but not limited to, elasticity, plasticity, fracture, fatigue, instability and viscoelasticity of engineering materials. The Group is aiming at the convergence of theoretical, computational and experimental approaches to figure out the underlying mechanics of various engineering materials ranged from nanoscale to macroscale and to utilize it for practical applications. State-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities available through the department and the university are extensively used to achieve the research goal.

  • Primary research area :
    • Mechanics of composite materials and structures
    • Computational solid mechanics at nanoscale