Date Title Contact Attach
2022-06 09
Introduction to vehicle chassis control and integrated chassis control
16:00 110-N101 Prof. Wanki Cho
Prof. Cheolhyeon Kwon ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-06 02
A journey to understand thermo-hydrodynamic coupling in cooling technology for high-heat-flux device
16:00 110-N101 Prof. Aejung Yoon
Prof. Aejung Yoon ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-05 26
Multiscale Fatigue Life Prediction Models for Composite Materials
16:00 110-N101 Prof. Gun Jin Yun
Prof. Young-Bin Park ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-05 19
Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center Human Machine Interface(HMI) Research Status
16:00 110-N101 Prof. Sangho Kim
Prof. Hungsun Son ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-05 12
Agent-based Modeling and Simulation in the Generation of Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing
16:00 110-N101 Ph.D Jeongsik Kim
Prof. Namhun Kim ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-04 28
Applied Laser Processing for Semiconductor Fabrication
16:00 Online(Zoom) Prof. Joonghan Shin
Prof. Hyungson Ki ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-04 14
Introduction to Korea Space Launch Vehicle-II (Nuri)
16:00 110-N101 Ph.D Shinjae Kang
Prof. Im Doo Jung ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-04 07
Nanoscale Biomimetic Materials for Seosors and Actuators
16:00 110-N101 Prof. Byung Yang Lee
Prof. Hoon Eui Jeong ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-03 31
Soft inerfaces : From microfluids to kitchen
16:00 110-N101 Ph.D Eujin Um
Prof. Taesung Kim ([email protected]) 첨부파일
2022-03 24
High-fidelity Flow Simulation for Turbomachinery
16:00 Online(Zoom) Prof. Jin Lee
Prof. Jooha Kim ([email protected])